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  • Art Brut : Outsider Art

    "These artists, who live on the fringe of Japanese society, many of them in institutions for handicapped people, have created, through their art, individual worlds of their own characterised by great aesthetic intensity."


Modern Art Scene


  • Monozukuri is not mindless repetition; it requires creative minds and is often related to craftsmanship which can be earned through lengthy apprenticeship practice. In that sense, monozukuri is an art rather than science, although science and engineering play an important role in monozukuri.

    This concept has been fundamental to many Japanese aesthetic ideals, "arts," and other cultural elements.

    Geidō (芸道, accomplishment in arts) refers to the way of the traditional Japanese arts: Noh (, theater), kadō (華道, flower arrangement), shodō (書道, calligraphy), and Sadō (茶道, tea ceremony). All of these ways carry an ethical and aesthetic connotation and appreciate the process of creation.

Feature Story

  • The rise of edo pop-art

    In the Edo period, a style of woodblock prints called ukiyo-e became a major art form and its techniques were fine tuned to produce colorful prints.

  • A dichotomy in Japanese art after the period of isolation

    The introduction of Western cultural values led to a dichotomy in Japanese art, as well as in nearly every other aspect of culture, between traditional values and attempts to duplicate and assimilate a variety of clashing new ideas.

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